1. Data Domain - Exploration Images (ST032)
    Data Domain

  2. Aucuba Replica - Flora Odyssey LP (ST031)
    Aucuba Replica

  3. Noah Lyas - Reflections LP (ST030)
    Noah Lyas

  4. How to Levitate - Secret Fountain (ST029)
    How to Levitate

  5. Yóhan - Null2 (ST028)
    Yóhan, Hogeko, Notnotice

  6. Hod - Signs of my Ancestors (ST027)

  7. Max Figueroa - La Logia del Tiempo (ST026)
    Max Figueroa, Corell

  8. s.soo - Cihosa (ST025)
    s.soo, Polygonia

  9. Adhémar - All the Birds are Talking at the Same Time LP (ST024)

  10. Möe - Once you Have the Pieces (ST023)
    Möe, Høll, How to Levitate

  11. Szórëgg - Portrayals of Zerzura LP (ST022)

  12. Joey_M - Stats (ST021)
    Joey_M, XVIII

  13. Javier Marimon - Fases (ST020)
    Javier Marimon

  14. RTNH - Repetitive Behaviors LP (ST019)
    RTNH, Vako Pahulia

  15. Fm Outt - Incomplete Kisses (ST018)
    Fm Outt, Eafhm

  16. Farazdeck - Animae Perdita (ST017)

  17. Various Hearts Year One [Part A]
    Various Artists

  18. Various Hearts Year One [Part B]
    Various Artists

  19. Eafhm - Flora (ST016)
    Eafhm, Worg, Stigr

  20. Biocym - Narrow Slopes (ST015)

  21. Doctrina Natura - The Cult to the Trimorphic Hécate LP (ST014)
    Doctrina Natura

  22. Cyd - Inclusion Polymorphism (ST013)

  23. Hamandra - The Human Experience (ST012)

  24. TVS - Chrysalism (ST011)

  25. Mateo Hurtado - All The While Staying Perfectly Still LP (ST010)
    Mateo Hurtado

  26. Lila - Septimo Continente (ST009)

  27. Nahualism - Circles In The Void (ST008)
    Nahualism, Doctrina Natura

  28. !Esc - Drfy (ST007)

  29. Healing Noises - More Soul Than Human (ST006)
    Healing Noises

  30. Юродивый - Fallen Expectations (ST005)

  31. Stigr - Modulated Circles LP (ST004)

  32. Neon Warrior - Persian Indigo (ST003)
    Neon Warrior

  33. jjsauma - North Star (ST002)

  34. Exoterran - Current (ST001)
    Exoterran, Eafhm


Secuencias Temporales Mexico City, Mexico

Multidisciplinary Exploration in the purest and deepest version of the work of our artists.

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